Green Gables

Studio Tate’s Green Gables project completely challenges our preconceived ideas of what a seaside home should be like. Forget the nautical blues and sailing inspired knick knacks, this tudor-style house in Mount Martha was expertly renovated and restored to be in a league of its own.

The home reflects the seaside in a most subtle way, with coastal textures at the core of its design. Soft sand found close-by and the brisk Victorian coastal climate are reflected in a restricted colour palette of black, white, grey and tan. Different materials including terazzo tiles, grey timber flooring, and tan leather furniture all work beautifully together to keep this home looking super chic. There is a balance of hard and soft; a layering of different textures reflective of the surrounding context that ultimately results in nothing other than casual luxury.

Mt Martha Green Gables WEB 03

Gathered heading curtain on a decorative rod in Sonoma – Pewter

While this home is undeniably modernised, special attention was also importantly paid to retaining heritage details. A most striking tudor feature of the home – the windows – were carefully restored, contributing to the home’s discreet elegance with their black lattice work and traditional architraves. And of course, we love to focus on the windows, which are beautifully adorned by a combination of Lovelight products.

Curtains with a gathered heading installed on decorative rods in the living areas complement the windows perfectly. The fabric choice is also something to be highlighted – Sonoma fabric chosen from Westbury Textiles has a beautiful linen finish that not only nods to the home’s seaside location, but also adds another layer of textural complexity to the project. The soft linen contrasts with the harder surfaces of the home, bringing a sense of warmth into the living spaces.

Mt Martha Green Gables WEB 09

The Sonoma Linen fabric works perfectly with Studio Tate’s furniture selections

Practical and minimal white roller blinds in a light-filtering Elements fabric are chosen for wet areas, blending seamlessly with the marble tiles on the walls. In the bedrooms, roman blinds offer the perfect combination of clean lines while also bringing softness to the space. They are also done in the same fabric as the curtains which adds texture whilst also maintaining consistency through the home.

Mt Martha Green Gables WEB 11

Roller Blind in Elements light-filtering fabric

Mt Martha Green Gables WEB 13

Roman Blind in Sonoma – Pewter

It is always nice when a project manages to change our preconceptions – and this home definitely does. A contemporary renovation that still manages to maintain the essence of the original home, reflecting it’s beachside location in a revolutionary way. It is casual elegance at its best.

Photography: Sharyn Cairns
Design: Studio Tate
Builder: Ecoast

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