Prima Pearl

We have the honour of working on some very special projects at Lovelight that reach a standard of design that is truly breathtaking which require some unique bespoke solutions to. The project Prima Pearl in Southbank, Melbourne is one such project which certainly fits that description which Elle Guiliano - the Director and Lead Designer for TwoStyle Interior Design & Styling -  describes as one of her favourite projects.

It’s not often you get to work on a penthouse apartment a staggering 67 storeys up with 4.4m high ceilings and such expansive views! Commissioned by one of the most prominent property developers in Melbourne for their family, this was always going to be a sensational challenge which the client felt Lovelight was best placed to deliver on.

Driven to create beautiful, functional spaces that people love to live in, Elle combines creativity with sharp insights to construct solutions that work at scale for each individual project. One such space which proved to have its own unique challenges was finding a suitable solution that was effortless and practical for the main living space which has 24m length, floor to ceiling windows.

“We were inspired by some of the best hotels we’ve been to around the world and so we had a very clear aesthetic of what we wanted to achieve and we were looking to have a fully motorised solution as well.” Elle and her client chose to have a Sheer S-Fold Curtains in the Esther – Onyx range from Warwick Fabrics  and Motorised  Screen Roller Blinds in Mermet M-Screen in the colour Midnight.

From concept to reality is never quite as simple in practice though and one of the major questions to be answered was 'how would you assemble the extended 24m track when there is a limit on the size of the extrusion that would fit into the elevator to the apartment?' 

Obviously this meant that the track had to be joined together from separate pieces and welded and assembled on site which is no mean feat! The reasons why this is so difficult is because each of the joins on the track create a possible point of failure where the materials can get caught and snagged leading to an undesirable result.

In the end it took 8 separate installers 2 weeks to put it all together and install up against the windows 4.4m up in the air with metal filers to make sure that the joins were as smooth as possible. This was obviously not a job for the faint of heart!

This also needed to be negotiated within the constraints of placing 80 different motorised curtains and blinds together into a central system for ease of use.

“We were really happy with the result we got from Lovelight. They weren’t just able to deliver this result for one apartment but for 2 other smaller apartments in the same building.

They were able to deliver on-time, on-budget and we were really happy with the service!”

If you would like to have your high quality window furnishings delivered on time and with great service please feel free to get in touch with us in NSW, QLD or VIC on 1300 763 171. 

Sheer  S-Fold Curtain  in Warwick Esther  – Onyx, Motorised Blockout  Roller Blinds in Quay – Vivid

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