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Shutters represent ultimate light, ventilation, privacy control and classic beauty. Originally designed and constructed from marble in ancient Greece, they have been adopted in grandiose mansions of mid century France, England and Southern United States throughout the ages, and continue to represent opulence throughout the seasons in Australian homes today.

Lovelight offers shutters in four synthetic and wood materials, each in a range of paint colour and/or wood stain options. Our base range is Woodlore CustomCraft, an engineered wood product that is available in five tones of white paint colour. Next is the Woodbury shutter, comprising a synthetic material that is ideal for wet areas including kitchens and bathrooms. This product is available in 22 different paint colours. Finally, our two premium wood products are Normandy (soft wood) and Sussex, which differ subtly by timber grain and hardness. Both are available in 22 paint colour and 29 stain colour options.

Shutters are custom made for your unique space. They will enhance the aesthetics of any building, historical or contemporary, and can be admired from both inside and outside. You can carefully control the light, visibility and airflow according to your mood, keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer by manually adjusting the louvres. Last of all, you can enjoy this product for a long time, as they are a relatively long-lasting window furnishings product.

Enjoy this selection of examples of these products, and step over to the gallery to see further beautiful images. Our consultants help you to decide between the timber and synthetic material options, paint and stain colours, and will ensure that your selection is correct for your specific application. Lovelight also offers exterior options in a separate range; please ask us about this during your window furnishings consultation.

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IMG 0132
Normandy shutters in a mid brown colour tone, set as a room divider in this modern and earthy-styled home.

IMG 7757
Woodlore Customcraft in Pure White, set as a room divider in this light and peaceful study space.

IMG 7716
Normandy shutters in Black Walnut, set as a room divider in this classic-styled home.

Lovelight Mickleham WEBSIZE 5
Sussex shutter in Classic Black used in combination with a range of natural materials in this modern bathroom.

LovelightCragieburnPhotography metricon WEBSIZE 4
Normandy shutter in Amoire Hickory, set as a room divider in this modern-classic fusion styled lounge room.

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